EMOW Starter Kit


Dual Coil

New Arrival

Variable Volt


Upgraded coils: For a cleaner flavour.
Airflow control cartomizer, 1.8ml capacity
Battery capacity: 1300 mAh.
3 clicks to change the voltage:
White light: 4.8V, Green light: 4.2V, Red light: 3.7V
5 click safety cut off.

Please note: Only Flavour Vapour chargers are to be used to charge our batteries.
Using chargers purchased elsewhere will void your warranty and could cause injury or harm.
When storing you Electronic Cigarette battery, keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
Avoid dropping or heavy handling of your battery.
Never leave batteries unattended while charging.
Keep contacts clean and regularly check your battery for signs of damage.

E-Liquid available separately


  • Chargeable up to 300 times
  • EMOW Cartomizer will last between 2-4 weeks (Varies depending on usage, care etc)
  • Refillable With any E-Liquid
  • Battery will last, on average, for 12 hours of continuous use (When New)

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