Vapes on a plane!

Wed 4th Sep 2019

Vapes on a plane!

When it comes to travelling with e-cigarettes, it can be a bit of a minefield! I’m going to preface this blog by saying that I would recommend contacting your airline directly before you fly if you are at all unsure about their rules – there’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport all ready for your holiday, to then have your e-cigarette confiscated!

With that small disclaimer out of the way, here is our guide, to flying with e-cigarettes.

-Hold or Hand?

It is a fairly standard rule that if you are carrying an e-cigarette with you when you fly, it needs to be in your hand luggage, rather than in your hold luggage. Most airlines insist on this rule as they are worried about the lithium-ion cells inside your device catching fire in the hold.

Liquid on the other hand, especially if you’re carrying a lot of it, is probably better off in your hold luggage – any juice you don’t check in will need to be in a maximum 100ml bottle to get through security – stick those larger shortfill bottles in the hold and you’ll have plenty of juice when you land!

We would also recommend that any liquid bottles taken on as hand luggage are unsealed, and any tanks are empty of juice before you take off. This is because the pressure inside the cabin can make the air inside the bottle or tank expand and you could see your juice start leaking from the tank, or worse, exploding out of the bottle – never pleasant, especially on a long haul flight!

-Vaping at the airport

Vaping is prohibited by all UK airports (at least by the ones who have published a position). As such, once you’re inside the terminal, you’re not going to be able to vape for a while, which leads us nicely to the next point -

-Can I vape on the plane?

The simple answer is no. The more complex answer (as with most of these points) is it depends on the airline, however during our research, we couldn’t find a major UK airline that allows vaping on board. If you’re unsure, you’re best off just holding out until you land.

-Can I vape in (insert country here)?

Whilst the UK has fairly liberal laws regarding e-cigarettes, a lot of countries worldwide take a much more conservative approach to vaping. In fact, even carrying an e-cigarette in some countries can land you in some pretty hot water with the local authorities. If you’re travelling within Europe, you are more than likely fine, but once you go further afield, problems can arise. As we said at the top of the page, research is by far and away your best friend in this regard – double check the local laws in your destination country before you fly!

Jasmine - FV


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