Tobacco Menthol Nic Salt 10ml E-liquid


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Nasty Liq hits different...

Nasty Liq Tobacco Menthol caters to tobacco enthusiasts, offering an earthy fusion of roasted tobacco complemented by a refreshing menthol twist. With each inhale, experience the rich and robust flavour of authentic tobacco, layered with subtle hints of mint for added complexity. As you exhale, the cooling sensation of menthol washes over your palate, leaving a crisp and invigorating finish. This blend is perfect for those who appreciate the boldness of tobacco with a touch of icy freshness, making it an ideal choice for vapers seeking a satisfyingly smooth and flavourful experience.

Pro Tips

Flavour Profile Menthol tobacco

Served In 10ml easy squeeze bottle

Nicotine Strength 10mg / 20mg

VG/PG 50/50

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